About Us

InGain is a dedicated software and product development house that builds loan management solutions for banks, consumer lenders, and the broader fintech industry. Our out-of-the-box core system is also fully customizable to meet your business needs – whether you’re in consumer or business lending, dealing with secured or unsecured loans.

We built InGain to provide adaptive, bespoke software solutions that can respond to real-time changes in a rapidly developing industry through updates to our core system. We’ve branched out into all aspects of the lending industry to manage installment loans, auto leasing, mortgages, line of credit, BNPL, payday loans, invoice factoring, and more.

Since 2011 InGain has worked with over 50 lenders from around the world and successfully implemented hundreds of projects. We pride ourselves on combining deep industry expertise with highly customizable solutions. Our system makes it quick and easy to launch new products or begin operations in new markets. While you can do most of the setup yourself, the InGain team will be there to guide you through the rest.