This view is suited for accountancy needs and is adapted to view cash flow. It can, however, be easily adapted to show other relevant data too.

  • Cashflow – Categorized by outgoing and incoming money
    View apportionment of all incoming and outgoing cash, money given out at any respective day, as well as commisions, penalty, extensions, partial payments etc.

  • Summary – Each loan data to chosen date
    View a summary of data regarding loans in a defined timeframe.

  • Invoices – Each payment to chosen period
    View a summary of invoices at any given date. Every payment has an individual invoice, so you can see statistics about all incoming and outgoing invoices.

  • File export compatibility
    You may view and analyse the data on your own system or tools by using the export functionalty. To ensure compatibility with various tools, we use these file format options:

    • excel;
    • csv;
    • pdf.