We offer a wide range of ways to organize customers and loans by type. Advanced data filters, export options and logs are included.

  • Loans sorted by status
    • All registrations
      List all registrations made by your clients
    • Pending
      List all the pending credit applications with the option to activate or deny them.
    • Give Out
      List all approved applications by your clients
    • Regular
      List all the approved applications that do not exceed the terms
    • Extended
      List all extended credits with information about their urgency
    • Scheduled 
      List all the credits with a payment schedule.
    • Late
      List all the loans that have missed a payment.
    • Debt
      List all the credits which have been handed over to debt collector agencies
    • Court
      List all the credits that are being disputed in court
    • Returned
      List all the returned credits that are now in the archive
    • Denied
      List all the credits that have been denied by the system or your employees depending on the client’s credit situation
    • Terminated
      List all the credits that were terminated before the credit return.
  • Loan types
    The CloudCredit system is capable of providing these types of credits and loans:

    • PayDay loans
      (i) Functionality for fast, automated short – term credits system with possibility to extend the term.
    • Installment loans
    • Consumer loans
    • Secured loans
    • Person to Person loans (P2P)
  • Data table adapted to each category
    You can manage the loan data table columns for the information needed.
  • Smart search system
    You can search for keywords in specific data table columns with varying level of keywoard exactness.
  • Advanced data filter
    An option to filter data by setting your own customized filters
  • Quick and detailed data export
    You can export filtered data to any of these formats:

    • excel
    • csv
    • pdf
  • Detailed LOG system
    Option to view any changes in credit situations and activities in a data changelog.