InGain management team

Juris Cirkovs


Juris graduated from law school and got his start in business working in the real estate industry. Juris emerged from the ruins of the 2009 real estate market and needed to find some new targets where he could apply his insights and entrepreneurial energy. Having worked with mortgage providers, Juris was familiar with some of the challenges that companies face in the lending industry as well as the possibilities for growth that were coming with the explosion of IT, software, and web solutions for enterprise. InGain was born at a time of rapid change in business. As online lending started to gain traction, loan providers quickly learned that building high quality software is an expensive and time-intensive endeavor. Juris and his team were there from the beginning, and InGain has grown to be a trusted leader in providing customized toolkits for loan providers all over the world.

Armands Liseks


Armands’ background involves a degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga followed by 6 years of experience in management consulting. Armands joined the fintech space in 2016 in the area of open banking and data analytics. He advocates technology and applied analytics being the key competitiveness drivers in today’s financial services industry.

Martins Jakusenoks

Business Development Director

Martins is the Business Development Director at InGain. After obtaining a Masters degree in International Business School, Martins joined Microsoft Baltics team, where he consulted government sector on effective IT infrastructure implementation. Martins joined fast paced fintech industry 5 years ago and since then has lead InGain business development. His ability to deeply engage with customers has enabled InGain to tailor its solutions and customer service to better match business requirements of financial institutions.

Kristaps Veinbergs

Co-owner and Chief Information Security Officer

After getting a degree in CS and programming, Kristaps became an integral part of InGain in the area of data security and quickly became InGain’s go-to person for all IT solutions and projects. Having worked closely with a number of credit companies from around the world, he gained valuable insights into the inner workings of the lending industry. He now uses this knowledge to create bespoke technology solutions for InGain clients. Having spent the last decade at InGain, Kristaps has a strong connection to the entire team, which helps him manage people and projects.