24/7 system monitoring

To ensure safety of your business and sensitive client data, as well as guaranteeing 100% uptime, the system is being monitored all the time for possible breaches, memory and database pressure and other vital processes to keep your system up and running.

Hourly backups

If anything does go wrong, it is always good to know you can get the system back up in a timely manner. Hourly backups ensure that in case of emergency the vast majority of data will be accessible and intact.

Isolated servers

We provide servers with the sole purpose of running your system. In this case you won’t have to worry about other applications, websites etc. taking up valuable server resources.

Data encryption

To ensure safe processing of sensitive personal data and transactions, all the data going in and out of the system is treated with industry standard encryption.

Incoming data filter

Before any user data is entered in the database, it is thoroughly checked and processed to ensure it is not malicious, comes from a reliable source and is a genuine user request. This prevents anyone from compromising the system or entering fake data.

SSL security certificates

Secure Sockets Layer is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between the server and the client. SSL certificate ensures your clients and 3rd party APIs that everything is in order.

Antivirus and Firewall

There are various types of attackers, bots, spyware and other threats on the web. Our embedded antivirus and firewall takes care of them all.

Password storage on seperate servers

For an extra layer of security, the most crucial data – user passwords – is being stored on separate servers. If there is an actual system breach, your clients' user accounts will be inaccessible to the attacker.

Regular security audit

Because web security is constantly evolving, we practice regular security audits to ensure everything’s up to date. We closely follow the industry experts and make sure the system cannot be compromised because of outdated security practices.

Visitor analysis

There are many reasons why someone would want to imitate an actual user; we provide analysis of all the visitors to your site to check if they are all actual humans.

Activity log

Check everything that has happened within the system in an understandable activity log. You can see activities of your clients and employees as well.

Anti XSS techniques

XSS vulnerabilities are an easy target and are often the first ones that are tested on the site by attackers. We have embedded techniques to guard your system against such attacks.

Protection against MySQl injection

MySQL injections can lead to serious security damages; therefore we have introduced enforced protection against such actions.

OS system user isolation

Option to grant or deny permissions to users from different accounts on the same computer.

Option to manage employee login time out

Human factors (leaving an unattended workstation, for example) can compromise sensitive user data. You can manage timeout after which the user is automatically logged out to ensure people only use the accounts that are meant for them.

Option to disallow multiple simultaneous logins

In some cases the user might use the system from multiple devices (such as desktop and tablet), but if the user account deals with sensitive data and should never leave the office, you can allow only one logged in device at a time.

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