Why InGain?


Online and storefront lending platform fully automates lending process - from customer onboarding through loan origination, loan servicing, collateral management, warnings and debt collection.


Launch new products and markets quickly and within a tight budget. Leverage existing infrastructure - customer acquisition channels, decision engine and data connector - on top of our system.


Don't wait for IT team involvement. Empower your business managers to react to real-time business intelligence data via our no-code interface. Easily adapt lending rules, test various communication strategies, or even set up new loan products.


Develop business-specific system features, integrate with your internal system modules and take advantage of technological innovations delivered by third parties on top of our core system.

Experience for the fast-paced world

We began operations in 2011 with a clear goal – provide a loan management system for online and offline lenders with an individual approach, while creating a set of tools simple enough for anyone to use.

Since then we’ve come a long way. Our list of accomplishments includes hundreds of projects implemented and multiple iterations of our core code to arrive at a scalable white label system for lenders, fintechs and banks.

Our business currently runs on two pillars that help a broad variety of financial services companies – a plug & play SaaS system and integration services for custom features development and system connections. By building these pillars we unlock the benefits provided by our experience to offer our clients and partners the ability to adapt to a rapidly changing industry.


Any industry that requires customer onboarding, loan management, loan servicing, debt collection and various automated flows. We serve both business and retail, secured and unsecured loans based on various loan product calculation methods including instalment loans, line of credit and payday loans.
Yes. The system is an off-the-shelf solution, but can also be configured for specific business requirements using no-code interface and further customised leveraging IT integration services for custom development.
Yes. Our fast, lightweight LMS is particularly well suited for testing new products and markets. It provides an end-to-end solution or may partially leverage your existing infrastructure (e.g. customer acquisition channels, decision engine, data connector).
Yes. The system is ready to facilitate an end-to-end loan management process according to your business requirements. It enables fully automated processes, as well as, manual intervention where needed.
Yes. Our no-code solution enables you to edit messaging templates, create triggers for automated notifications and reminders, as well as, set up various communications campaigns.
Yes. Our decision engine allows users with respective permission to edit or change decision rules and cut-off points without IT involvement.
Yes. All payment processes can be ensured through any third party payment gateway services using an API connection.
Our SaaS loan management system is deployed on a dedicated server infrastructure in a public cloud. To follow local personal data processing requirements, we may deploy on a public cloud in our country of origin.

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