The Content Management System (CMS) is used for creating, editing and reviewing all the content in notifications, emails, SMS messages, contracts, invoices and more. It’s also possible to edit content on the public website by the click-and-edit WYSIWYG interface to see all the changes before committing them publicly.

  • Multi-language system
    Every part of the system has a multi-language capability. It’s possible to translate the front-end as well as the administration system.

  • Text and copywrite editing can be done in all parts of the system.

    • Public website;

    • Administration site;

    • Manager files;

    • Controller files;

    • Module files;

    • Configuration files;

    • It’s possible to translate data found in the system core files;

    • FAQ editing Edit the frequently asked questions, which can then be displayed in a common accordion – like principle, for example;

    • Agreement editing;

    • Invoice editing;

    • Email template editing;

    • SMS template editing;

    • Polls editing.