Task automation is a key component in modern loan and banking systems. With InGain you can set up automated API handling, bank services, payment assessments and more.

API integration

Using InGain API framework it is possible to obtain information from 3rd party services and automatically check it to approve a new client, for example. This can be automated to the level of non-mandatory human interaction.

Automated bank services

InGain provides various automated solutions for data exchange or cooperation regarding incoming bank payments.

  • Bank APIs
  • SMS services
  • Data export

There are also methods specific to payouts.

  • Import / export in a specific data format
  • Bank API integration

Automated loan payment handling

We have implemented a mechanism which handles incoming payments automatically using the aforementioned solutions.

  • the payment is assessed
  • after determining what the payment was for, further actions can be taken (automatic SMS, invoice sending, possibly closure of the loan if the amount is sufficient)