The task management system deals with setting tasks for the employees each day. It can notify employees about urgent and day-to-day activities.

  • Notification system
    View all the system activities in a real-time feed.

  • Registrations
    View all new user registrations

  • Loan requests
    View all new loan requests with respective user data.

  • Incoming payments
    View all new incoming payments with relevant data about the specific user, sum and credit no.

  • Incoming VOIP calls
    View and direct incoming VOIP (Voice Over IP) calls.

  • Incoming emails
    Direct any incoming emails to appropriate employees.

  • Note reminder system
    Get reminders for notes with a set up date. This can be useful to organize work across many fields at once.

  • Customers notes
    Attach notes to an existing customer profile. (for example, “get in touch with user John Doe at 14:00”. The client’s name is then linked to the respective user profile for fast access)

  • Loan notes
    Attach the respective loan number to a note.

  • Late payment tracking with action history
    You can group and list credits with a predefined number of days since payment has been missed. This is useful for automated sending of SMS messages, emails or printed notifications.

  • Adaptable tracking periods
    Option to adapt the number of days since missing a credit payment for specific clients.

  • Adaptable actions
    Option to adapt and configure a set of actions regarding any group of clients who have missed a payment a predefined number of days.